Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday in a box

Do you have a loved one that lives out of town?  Or is attending college?  For my mother-in-law's Birthday, I packed a Birthday in a box to surprise her on her special day since she lives out of town.    Do you want to see what's inside? 

The first thing in the box are chips ahoy 100 calorie pack cookies.  She loves them!    I took them out of the box so that they would fit easier inside. 

Next, I added  canvas art that I made using C's artwork.  You can read more on that here.


I wrapped up the frame and then put it in the box, sliding over a few of the chips ahoy calorie packs.
Then I added  cookies.  You cannot have a Birthday without a treat!

I wrote a little note on each.  One said "Birthday treat" the other one said "Birthday treat to share."
The fourth item I added was a homemade card.

The fifth item in the box was freeze dried banana chips from Trader Joes.  We love them!  I added a little note for a personal touch.  C begs me to eat the strawberries and bananas for snacks. 

The sixth item I added was a banner that I made. 

The final item I added was a party horn.

I added streamers to fill in the space.

There you have it  my Birthday in a box! I love how it turned out!  Grandma was thrilled to receive it. 
Have you ever made a package for a loved one?  If not, you should!    They will love it!

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  1. How cute! I like how it came together. I actually pinned an idea just like this not too long ago. I think I'm going to do it for a friend this year.


  2. I just awarded you with The Versatile Blogger award! Glad I found your blog. :)


  3. I absolutely love this! Great idea! Thanks for linking up!