Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blocks turned into learning dice

      If you have blocks and kids you will love this idea or post!  With toddlers their attention span is very small and I am constantly thinking of activities that are quick, easy, and educational.  What's great about this idea is it can easily be modified for older children as well.   The other day I was thinking of how much my children would love rolling dice and then it hit me....the block set that we have has the perfect size cubes for dice for younger children.  

    These dice are perfect because they are large enough to not be a choking hazard and the kids have a blast rolling the dice and running for it on the other side of the room.   Not to mention its a great movement-hands-on learning activity.   Their learning and reviewing at the same time.  Best of all, they were free!  I already owned them.  My kids never build with the small cubes so I figured I would put them to use.
Materials you will need to make the dice
  • Cubes
  • Sharpie or pen
  • Stickers

These dice can be used to review the following:

animal sounds( you can write the animal sound and have the child say the animal or you can write the animal and have them make the sound.

animals (put pictures of animals on each side)

uppercase letters

lowercase letters


sight words


multiplication facts

addition facts

subtraction facts

division facts

vocabulary words


Sight word dice. 
 The word that is on the top, that is the word the child reads.  This dice has at words.

colored dice

animal sound dice
     Say the sound and have the child say what animal it is.  Or on the top you see dog,  say dog and the child would say the sound "woof."

     You can put on the dice what you feel your child needs the most help with.  For example, there are about 5-6 lowercase letters that C mixes up  so she has a lowercase cube.  It helps to put a couple letters or items that you know they know or they love.  This helps build their confidence and keeps the activity from being overwhelming.

     Modifications:  Leave 2-3 sides blank and if it rolls on that, then the child gets a freebie and gets to roll again.  This is great for children with short attention spans.

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