Friday, August 17, 2012

Crayon Hearts

   Are your kids starting to get bored and restless with the end of summer?  I have the perfect activity for your kids today that kids of all ages will love.  I was cleaning out our crayon container and noticed several broken and small pieces of crayons. With new crayons being super cheap this time of year with all the back to school specials, I thought it would be fun to make heart crayons.  I found this heart tray at the Goodwill several years ago and finally put it to use.

Here's how we did it:

1. Decide on the container you are going to use.

2.  Peel the crayons (or if your lucky like me most of them were already peeled), break them into small pieces, and place them in the tray.  (Ignore C's crazy hair...she was refusing to let me touch it that day!)

3.  Lay them outside to melt.

30 minutes later

After 1 hour and 30 minutes outside

 2 and a half  hours in all and their finished!  Take inside the house and let cool off and they will harden on their own.    Then remove from tray and enjoy!

Peel the hearts out of the trays and enjoy!

5.  Now it is really HOT right now where I live so it  took 2 and a half hours for the crayons to melt.  I noticed the lighter colors took longer to melt, but I ended up taking my tray in with 1 not completely melted heart.  (This would be a great science experiment  to do with your older kids or even preschool kids.  You could have them observe the light colors versus the darker colors and discuss why certain colors melt quicker than others.)
    We had a blast making our own crayons.  I hope you try it with your kids soon.  They will love it!

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