Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A little bit of this and that

     I have been MIA for quite sometime.   Mainly I have struggled with what I want to put on my blog.  To be honest, a lot of people say to focus on one thing but I have several things I am interested in.  This blog I feel is for me to record and share what I am interested in, which is a lot of things.

  When I first started this blog I had a daycare.  Now that I don't and my daughter goes to preschool, I do a lot less learning activities than I used to.  At least until my 9 month old becomes interested in activities.  Because of that,  I have more time to focus on my home and cooking.

For the future, I plan to include menus, craft projects, organization progress, and much more!  I am looking forward to putting what I want on my blog.  I hope you join me!

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