Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hat play using bowls

      The other day I was cleaning up lunch and one of the children had found a bowl that was in a toy box and was putting it on his head and pretty soon C comes up to me and says "mommy, I want a hat too."  I'm thinking "a hat"  and I turn around to the child with a bowl on his head and said "okay," gave her and her friend each "hat."  They had so much fun playing with these. 

 Uh oh my hat just fell off.
 Oh no

Wow!  She figured how to keep it on her head.  What great balance she has.

     I love it when simple things provide children with entertainment.  Without knowing, they were working on balance to leave the bowl on their head and hand-eye coordination when trying to catch the bowl when it fell off their head.

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