Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letter L-Simple Activity

      We do a variety of activities around here.   My goal each week is to provide children with fun learning activities.  Today's activitiy is simple and requires little prep work.  Before doing this activity, I showed them a lion, the letter L card, and a letter L button.  We pointed and said the letter and the sound. 
     We used poms poms and eyeballs(they love those) and glued them on the letter L that I wrote.   They used paintbrushes to paint glue on the the letter L.   Next, they attached eyeballs and pom poms to their letter.   Their imaginations were running wild!    As they were creating, they were showing me their monsters and telling me how many eyes they put on their letter and what color of pom poms they were using.  

   Overall, the activity was  nothing fancy.   But the kids loved it.  They were learning and having fun! Best of all, it  required little prep and I had all the materials on hand. 

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