Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lion puppet-2 day project with toddlers

     This week we are working on the letter L. C loves making animals and puppets so I decided to make a lion puppet.  I saw this and thought it was cute, but I wanted to turn it into a puppet so that C and her friends could actually play with it.

Here's how we made it:

Day 1
     First, I cut out brown circles and realized that they looked like bears so I made yellow circles instead.   The lions still have brown ears was just easier than having to cut new ears also. 

    I had them glue ears on the back of the head. Then, I had C and K glue pasta on the lion's head for the mane.  We let the pasta dry on the lion's head overnight.

Day 2
I gave the children their lion's head and they glued it on to the top of the paper sack. Next, they glued the tail on the back of the puppet.   Then the eyes.  And walla!  Cute little lion puppets!  C and K had so much fun playing with them.


    Were you scared?  Me neither.  But they sure tried!  This activity took a little more prep work than most other crafts and activities we do because they cannot cut yet.  They are able to glue everything on and do that by themselves.   There was a lot of cutting and tracing but look at their faces. They had so much fun!    It was well worth my time. 

      I keep all of her puppets in a file folder and then on rainy days I get them all out.   They love playing with them.

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