Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letter L collage

     Today we worked on the letter L.  We made a collage with items that start with  L and a variety of letter Ls.  C is constantly asking me what sound each word starts with.  For her, I wanted to do a collage of items that start with the letter L and for the other 2, I wanted them to work on letter recognition and the sound.   It was so simple.   If you wanted to print off items that start with the letter L you can, but I used this

     I searched through the book for pictures that start with the letter L and cut them out.  It took 2 minutes and I had 10 pictures.   Easy peasy.
    Then I cut out letter Ls from a variety of colored paper.  (Did I mention I like to work on more than 1 skill at the same time?  colors, counting-How many Ls do you have? )  Then each child picked their colored paper and I gave them glue and let them get to work.

     There you have it a simple, learning activity.  The kids had a blast gluing their L pictures and L letters on the paper.  It was easy and it involved gluing which toddlers and preschoolers love!

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