Thursday, May 24, 2012

Transportation Beginning Sound Activity

     Several years ago I found  transportation cut-outs at the dollar tree.  And while I had yet to used them, I was saving them for when the idea struck me. 

    First, we sat in a circle and I showed the kids a vehicle and we talked about what it was and what sound it made.  The kids loved grabbing them and telling me what color each one was and making the sound.  

    Next, I laid them on the floor and got the letters out.  

I asked C what each vehicle started with  and she would go to the letter pile, find the letter, and then place the letter on the car.

Next we did helicopter.  She went and got the letter H and placed it on the helicopter.

M is for motorcycle

T is for train.  Then we took it up a notch and added an r to the t and worked on the blend tr.  She did such a great a job!

     This activity is wonderful for working on beginning, middle, or ending sounds.  The child sees the object and puts the letter sound that your working with on that object.  It's a great hands-on activity.  

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