Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fishbowl craft with letters

     One of the crafts that we made during F week was a fishbowl. 

     Look closely for the letter F and f.  After we glued the fish on K wanted to get down and play, which was fine.  Working with toddlers needs to be quick activities or activities where you can break it up into smaller segments.  For example, paint the bowl one day and then glue the fish and the plants on the next day or in this case we just left the plants off and he pasted his fish on the wet bowl.

   This one was supposed to have F and f also, but she wanted m on there and toddler time is supposed to be fun and not stressful so I let her have the m and she loves it.  I had her give me a word that started with the letter m and a word that started with the letter F. 

     Do you want to make one?  I will tell you how.  I don't have step by step pictures because it was difficult to take pictures along the way that day.

Materials you will need
  • blue paint, color, or markers
  • construction paper for the fish and plants
  • white paper for the fishbowl (I used construction, but card stock would work best)
  • glue
  1.  Make a bowl pattern on white paper.

  2. Have the children paint the bowl.

 3. Make a fish pattern and cut it out and put a letter on it. 

  4. Let the paint dry.

  5. Have the children glue the fish on their bowl.

  6.  Glue plants if desired.

     Modifications: Instead of letters, you could use numbers, sight words, you could leave the fish blank and work on colors, or count by 10's, 5's, or 2's.    Or you could print out objects or find stickers that start with the letter in your bowl and glue them on the bowl.  There are so many options for this craft. Go ahead and make one! Your children will love it and learn at the same time!

      This activity is great because children love their art displayed.  Their artwork can be used as a  learning tool for the week.   Throughout the week you can ask them what letter is on the fish? What does f say? And what words start with that letter f.

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