Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Car control Overhaul Update-1 week to go

      Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of how messy my car was before I cleaned it.  Lucky me!
    There were toys thrown all over the backseat, extra pair of clothes for C, and random food and wrappers.  It  only took 10 minutes to wipe everything down including C's carseat and remove all the trash, organize the trunk, and remove the extra toys.  Just taking that 10 minutes was well worth it and makes such a difference.

     Now, I still need to vacuum the car and clean the windows.  I also plan on cleaning the outside of the car.  But it looks much nicer than it did! 

     As far as the organizer progress, I made one organizer which takes care of toy clutter. (Pics to come soon).   I also would like to keep wipes and hand santizer in the car.  I do much better when everything has a place to live.  I still need to make an organizer that holds supplies so we'll see what I come up with for that.
   I started taking C's trash every time we leave the car and picking up random food that pops up.  It is easier to do it every time you get out of the car and it just takes an extra few seconds.
    How do you keep your car clean?  Do you have an organizer for random items?  Do you let your kids eat in your car? 

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