Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trucks and slides Oh my!

    Today my friends I have a fun and easy activity that your kids will love doing outside!  It is easy.  It takes no prep work just a slide and trucks or cars. 

     C and K loved racing the trucks down the slide.  They spent 30 minutes dropping the truck, watching it go down the slide, sliding down to the truck, and then climbing back up to do it all over again.  It was a good activity for taking turns.  They had to wait for the other to climb before they could use the ladder. 
     Modifications:   If you have preschoolers or older children you could use a variety of sizes of trucks and make observations based on their size and distance they travel.  Does a smaller car go farther or a bigger car?  What would happen if the slide was carpet?  Would it go slower or faster?  The possibilities are endless. 
    I hope you do this at home with your children!  They will love it! 

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