Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Car control overhaul

     I must admit I am embarrassed with my car's cleanliness or lack thereof.  It's awful.  I must also terribly admit I blame the kid.  Her clothes, her toys, her trash, and her food.  I know I'm the adult, but I decided that she is old enough and the car needs help.  My front seat has been in control for over a year its her area that I strugglet to keep clean.  I plan on making or buying car organizers to help control the chaos so I'm not remembered of how dirty it is EVERY time I get in the car.  I am looking forward to enjoying riding in my car again.   

      I was looking for different ideas on-line and decided that my car would benefit from a couple of  organizers.  First, I want something that C can reach from her seat.  While were driving, she can get books out and put them away.  Then when we arrive to where we are going, she will be responsible for putting them away. 

source:  just sew sassy
     Second, I know we will benefit from a pocket organizer that will hold snacks, drink, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wipes, extra pair of underwear and clothes, and band aids.  This is a shoe organizer.  All I need to do is go buy one and hang it up. 

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source: Decor-ganize
       Finally, I want a larger bag that can hold a DVD player and a couple larger toys for road trips.  When we get to a place, we can untie it and bring it into wherever we are going and we have instant toys.  I like the idea that it doesn't take up floor space and toys are always there if we need them.

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     Now, off to the fabric store to get some adorable fabric and get to work.  I cannot wait to have a clean car.   I am giving myself  2 weeks from today to have a clean and organized car.  I will report back with pictures.  My husband will have no idea what happened and I won't be embarrassed for people to come in my car.

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