Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creating artwork using Child's Art

  I am always looking for ways to reuse C's artwork.  I made 1 large frame with her artwork here.  I get rid of PLENTY of her artwork. But sometimes I find it difficult to part with.  I like the idea of reusing my child's art to make new art for our home.  Best of all, I had everything on hand!  
Here's what you need to make your own
  • canvas (optional)
  • black matting or poster board or spray paint(if you do not want a white background)
  • letters
  • child's artwork
  • scissors
  • spray adhesive
  • mod podge
* If you have paint on hand, you can paint the canvas before gluing letters on. I used the back of one of my frames that fit the canvas perfectly to mod podge the letters on. I did not have black spray paint, otherwise I would have done that. 

Here's how you make your own

1.  Trace your letters on your child's artwork.

2.  Cut out the letters

3.  Arrange the letters on your canvas or poster board. 

4.  Once you like the placement, mod podge the letters to the canvas or poster board.

5.  Press the edges of the letters down.

6.  Let dry for a couple of hours, then mod podge over the whole surface.

7.   I let it dry overnight, mod podge over the whole surface again.

8.  You can put another layer on but I felt like mine was nicely covered.

9.  Use spray adhesive to attach poster board to canvas (if you did not paint canvas).

     I love how it turned out!  C was so proud to see her artwork on a canvas and loved putting it in a box to be shipped to Grandma for her Birthday.  Grandma will love getting wall art from C that says "I love you" in her granddaughter's scribbles.  I adore the canvas!  I feel less guilty about tossing out some of her artwork now. 

   I made another piece of art with C's  artwork and have a tutorial with pictures coming soon! 

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