Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter chick

So I know Easter was Sunday but we made this last week.  Look at this adorable chick. 

Isn't it precious?  Would you like to make one?  It's easy and affordable to make with your kids.  Here's how:

Matereials: yellow construction paper, googly eyes, orange paper, glue, scissors

1.  Make an oval on the yellow paper and cut it out
2.  Cut a strip of orange paper and create a webbed foot on each
3. Make a beak.  I folded a piece of orange paper and made a triangle to the fold
4.  Trace and cut out your child's hand
5   Attach all the pieces to the chick including the eyes
6.  C wanted to draw a mouth on her chick so you could give the chick a mouth
7.  Your finished

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