Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Paint 2 ways

     Last week, I made sidewalk chalk paint for the kids.  I was  excited for them and couldn't wait to make it.  Once they started painting, I was shocked with how MESSY it was!   It would be fine for older kids, but for 2 and 3 year olds, it was all. over. them.  
     I mixed the paint in a muffin tin.  While the children were painting, the colors easily mixed together.   The muffin tin stayed in 1 place and the children all had to paint right by each other which frustrated one when others decided to paint on her picture.

   After the children were finished, I had a lot of paint left but all the colors were mixed together so I had to dump the paint out.  I felt like I used a lot of cornstarch for the paint and then dumped it out and was going to have to make the paint again when and if I decided to deal with the mess.  I felt bad because the children LOVED it!   One child sat in one place for 45 minutes and painted away. 
    After thinking about it for a couple days, I decided that I was determined to find a way to save the paint from getting mixed, getting all over the children, and having to dump it out after they finished.
     One day while the children were doing an activity it hit me.  Why can't I put the sidewalk chalk paint in an old glue bottle?  We go through glue so quickly with 3 little ones.  I could make the paint, re-use the glue bottle, and it would be a lot less messy.   I could have paint brushes available if they wanted to spread the paint out once it was on the concrete.  I gave it a try and the children loved it!  They enjoyed it more!   They were able to move around and choose where they painted.   They loved squeezing the bottle and watching the paint drop to the ground.

     I will say that this method does not wash off as easily with rain.  But it EASILY comes off by spraying water on it with a hose or watering can.   I spray the concrete when I water the trees or flowers.  
plastic bottle (I used a glue bottle that I rinsed out).
food coloring

1. In a small bowl mix 1/3 cup of cornstarch and 1/3 cup of water together.
2. Once mixed, add a drop of food coloring and stir.
3.  Use a funnel to pour the paint mixture into a glue bottle.
4.  Enjoy!  The kids were so excited.  They went through it quickly, but it was cheap and easy to make so I don't mind.  It gave them something different to enjoy while playing outside
      After putting the paint in bottles, it was much cleaner for the 2.5 year old and 2 year old.  It was a little messy for the 20 month old, but cleaner than the paint in muffin tins.   One of the goals of this blog is to show how each activity can be modified for a variety of skill levels.  After doing this activity, I gave the 20 month old water in a bottle the next time we painted and she LOVED it!   That way if it got on her it would be clear when it dried and her clothes would stay clean.  Eventually, after she gains control with squeezing the bottle, she will get another opportunity use chalk paint in the bottle.
    Over the weekend, C wanted to paint.  I tried using the muffin tin method and it was cleaner the second time with her.  I think it helped that she was the only one using it.  She still prefers the bottle method. 

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