Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An artist I am not...but I'll try!

We live in a quad level which means there are 4 floors to our home and actually 5 if you include our sub-basement. On the second floor we have the kitchen, 2 bedrooms, laundry closet (which needs HELP), and a bathroom.  When we moved in the bathroom was a dark purple that looked brown in some lighting.  It was not us and it definitely did not look kid friendly.  So I painted it     from Valspar.  I love how it is light and airy in there. I don't mind spending 5 minutes in there several times a day when I take my children to the potty and when we bathe C. 
I love free art.  My mom had given us a frame of a girl which I thought matched the bathroom perfectly but I husband is not of fan of other children in art besides his own, so I took it down.  I went to the store and bought 2 canvases one for C to paint her heart away and one for me to tackle a pin from Pinterest. The picture on Pinterest used 1 color which I really loved, but for our bathroom I wanted to use a shade of green, blue, and purple


I taped a white canvas with painters tape because that's what I had.  The problem was I thought I had thinner tape and what I had was 2 inch frog tape which was too big for the size canvas I chose.  I tried cutting the tape and it was uneven.  You can tell that on the art.  I still love how it coordinates with the room and helps it feel more complete.  One day when I feel $7 richer I will go to the store and get another canvas and try it again.  It was easy and cheap to make. 

I love it even though it has some ovbvious imperfections!  I hope to try it again sometime to see if I can get the lines smoother but until then it will be on our bathroom wall.

 And here was C's work of art!  She was so proud to show her daddy when he got home from work.

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