Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My favorite wall art

     Does anyone else have a child that cannot stop coloring or painting?  C LOVES to paint and color which means over 1 weeks time I can easily have 20-40 pieces of art.  I know I cannot keep them all, so with C's help we chose 9 pieces of art.
     Here's how I made it.  I had a 16 x 20 frame that was collecting dust in the basement so I went and grabbled that.  Then I took the 9 pieces of art and laid them out on the frame.  I rotated the pictures around until I was happy and then I used double sided tape to attach the paper to the frame.   After I attached everything, I could see the edges of all the paper and it looked incomplete so I  went to Wal Mart and picked up a roll of black 1 inch ribbon.   I then glued the ribbon to the art.

I LOVE how it turned out!

 I have seen the large frames with scanned artwork on it BUT I love how personal this is.  I am planning on making one for every year for the next couple and then  as she gets older going through the frames and picking my favorite to make one frame with multiple years of artwork!  Right now we have plenty of space in our current house to hang 3 or 4 of them.

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