Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cardboard box fun!

     Do you ever have one of those days where your trying to get something done (like cleaning up lunch) and the kids are  not getting along?  Well... today was one of those days!  When I have a moment like that...I stop...and think about what I can get out that will distract the kids and keep them busy and happy so I can finish cleaning up the kitchen. 

     C loves playing with flashcards.  Her definition of playing with them by herself is throwing the cards all over the place. 

     It drives me crazy!  What a mess!

   To save my sanity and get lunch cleaned up in a timely manner  I was trying to think of an idea that the kids could have fun doing, but would also solve the problem of the cards all over the kitchen.

     I remembered I had a diaper box in the garage, so I got it, and taped the top if it shut with painters tape (because that's what I had).  And then I took a knife and made a slot on each side of the box

     As I was doing this the kids were already grabbing the cards and were anxiously awaiting to drop them in the box. 

     Next, I made a flap on one side of the box that the kids could open easily to get the cards out.

    Then I placed the box on the floor and soon the kids were doing this

     It was bliss!  They instantly started laughing, talking, and taking turns dropping the cards in the box.

     Within seconds, the floor looked like this

    Ahhh...Clean floor how I love you!

    The box kept them happy and entertained for 15 minutes

    When my daughter woke up from her nap later she spent another 15 minutes playing with it independently.

   In the evening, she was playing with it again.  As she would drop a card in it, I asked her questions such as "What letter is that in your hand?  What number do you have?  Or what color is on the card?"  I love that this activity can be fun and independent and can also be a learning activity.  It was so cheap and easy to make which is the best part!  I didn't have to go to the store and buy anything.

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