Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flower art and learning activity for multiple skill levels

    Over the weekend, I purchased large and small paper plates.  I have become attached to paper plate art.  It is easy and cheap to make.  As I was looking at the small paper plate I couldn't help but see it as a flower. 
   My objective of this activity was to work on the letter f with the 2 year old for letter recognition and for C (2.5) I wanted to work on lowercase recognition of a different letter.  She knows most of her lowercase letters, but hesitates with about 4-5 of them.
Here's what I came up with: 
Flower 1: A fun flower craft.   C painted the inside of the flower yellow and the outside pink. I cut a stem from green paper and then added leaves. I love it so much I am definitely finding a place in my home for it!  

Flower 2: This flower is made using the same method as flower 1, but the child painted the middle yellow and the outside another color himself. It has a letter F in the middle for flower. I had the child point to the letter and make the f sound. My goal for this child is for him to identify the letter and make the sound.

Flower 3: For the flower part, I had the youngest paint with the Crayola mess free paint. I have to admit it is expensive and my 2.5 year old uses way too much of it, but for the 20 month old it is perfect and worth the extra money!  Before she started painting, I glued a yellow circle on the middle of her page and then had her paint around it. After she was done, I made a flower on the paper and cut it out, then she helped me glue the flower to the blue paper. She did have a letter F on her flower but she took it off, so I kept it that way.

Flower 4: For the flower part, C painted 2 flowers and then we connected them to the same stem. This one has lower and uppercase Q.    I did a short assessment to quickly identify which letters she needed extra practice with.   I took all the letters where the lowercase and uppercase letters are different ( i.e. she knows K and k and M and m and J and j etc) and asked her what each letter was while she was coloring. I learned she needed help with l (gets confused with i), q, b, d and g. She sometimes knows b and d but switches them around occasionaly which is a common mistake for children learning their lowercase letters. 

She was so proud of her art!
    I love the fact that I was able to work on each child's need all in 1 project! They all turned out so cute and none of them look alike.

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